10 ways Belgium is sexier than its football team

10 ways Belgium is sexier than its football team-1 copy

Your token Belgian friend has finally urged you to watch his team play for a great performance this World Cup. As the apologies roll in (just watch the last 30 minutes, Belgians need at least an hour of foreplay), it is time to remind you of 10 ways Belgium is sexier than its Football team:

1. Its Sax

blogpic1 copy

If love goes through the ear, inventor Adolphe Sax is your Cupid

2. Its horses

blogpic2 copy

You like big butts and you can not lie, riding through Bruges you’ll fly

3. Its fans

blogpic3 copy

4. Its Chocolate and Crunchy Speculoos


5. Its cartoons


6. Its buildings

blogpic6 copy

7. Its beer


You can’t say you don’t like beer until you tried these cherry and peach beers!

8. Its Shepherd dogs


Beautiful, smart and loyal

9. Its fashion

blogpic9 copy

With the right umbrella, who cares about the rain?

10. Its marketing science


Growing your top and bottom line….what could be sexier than that?

Have a great World Cup and summer holiday!

Koen Pauwels

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