A Call for Compromise to my fellow Americans

I am horrified by the lack of compromise in the United States, especially in the ongoing presidential election. Both between and within parties, polarization drowns out reason. When confronted with concerns from ‘the other side’, the reaction is not to consider their value and whether they should be addressed, but instead digging in their heels even deeper in a tug-of-war. Instead of coming together in some form of compromise, voters and candidates move more extreme, arguing that the other side is unreasonable and therefore that ‘we’ need to start the negotiation from a position of strength rather than weakness. That if we give ‘them’ a hand, they’ll take an arm.

People are angry.

Telling them they should not be angry does not calm them down.

When some folks feel that big banks and corporations have undue influence on society, the proper response is NOT “You are wrong, these are all job-creating, trickle-down, benevolent organizations”. When other folks feel threatened by Islamism, the proper response is NOT “You are wrong, only racists would claim that religion has anything to do with it”. Of course, you need to speak up against hate speech. This country’s leaders should ensure business leaders feel appreciated for the large risks they take, benefitting many if they succeed, bankrupting their families if they don’t. This country’s leaders should ensure that Muslims feel appreciated, and educate citizens about the differences between religion and its politicized interpretations.

So please, stand up for what is right AND do so with understanding of other perspectives in this great nation of ours.

Americans All, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


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