Most viewed marketing analytics blog posts of 2018

Grateful for your continued interest in my marketing analytics blogs, I hit the stats to tell us which 5 you read most in 2018:

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  • Do perceptions drive sales or sales drive perceptions for your brand?

Causality is a hot topic in both academia and practice these days: to grow my brand, should I focus first on increasing brand attitudes or on directly stimulating purchase, after which the attitudes will follow? Stay tuned for an update to our broader metric causality analysis of 153 brands in emerging (Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand) and mature markets (e.g. UK, Germany).


  • 7 ways and 7 pics to evaluate Nike’s Kaepernick marketing campaign

Brands taking sides has been a major 2018 theme since the February NRA decisions of Delta, MetLife and Dick Sporting goods, which gave them a drop in online sentiment but a lift in offline sentiment ( In contrast, Nike’s Dream Crazy campaign decreased net sentiment in both channels, but increased the number of positive conversations, especially among their target market. Jill Avery and I just completed our HBS case study on the topic- my very first case ever!

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  • Do you measure what matters?

The core of my research and [] book is selecting leading KPIs for your business. This blog applies our criteria to frequently (mis)used online metrics, with the key management comment: I often wonder how often users are accidentally clicking on the larger units or the obtrusive ones. (ie, interstitial units generate a really high CTR, but is it because people are interested in your banner, or because they can’t find the “x”?). I’ve seen advertisers use the standard 0.02% CTR as a benchmark and if they go above that benchmark a campaign is considered “successful”, but even getting a 0.05% CTR still seems absurdly low to me’

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  • What you missed at the Interactive Marketing Research Conference

Brilliant professors Mirella Kleijnen, Charles Hofacker, Dina Mayzlin, Venky Shankar, Yakov Bart and John Deighton of course! Also, Smart City Amsterdam, Google, Heineken and entertainment scientists Prof Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Raoul Kubler singing on beer bikes for our entertainment:

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  • Why read the Book of Why? Pearl, Pipes & Missed Chances in Time

Causality is the alpha and omega of this list! Are you talking association, intervention or counterfactuals? My critical review of Prof Judea Pearl’s 2018 book also made it to the my Best and Worst Books I read in 2018 blog:

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 10.39.32 PM

The Stats also show most of my readers hail from my current residence (USA) and my Low Countries of origin! Veel dank and, wherever you are from, a most healthy, happy and successful 2019 to you and your loved ones!


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