Top 10 insights on Marketing and Technology from TPM 2019

Thanks to organizers and presenters, I thoroughly enjoyed the Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference this weekend at Columbia University. For those of you who could not be there, here are my top 10 insights on marketing and technology, with reference to presenter and session in the agenda found here


  • Online shopping increases fortunes of specific brands and categories, and advertising helps increase a brand’s online share  (Van Ewijk, session 5.3.1)


  • Mobile search breadth and clumpiness increase physical store visits (Laub, 1.3.3)


  • Alexa shopping lead to higher consumer search and purchases (Sun, 5.3.2)


  • The presence of chatbots increases sales (Kim, 7.4.2)61056568_10213888709043913_4601656213229273088_n
  • Consumers with high preference for human interaction prefer AI as as assistant to human decision making (e.g. Alexa), while those with low preference for human interaction rate AI higher if it replace humans (e.g. Google Assistant) Beeler, 3.1.1
  • The higher the customer’s expertise, the higher the willingness to accept an algorithm’s recommendation vs other human’s recommendation (Yalcin, 4.1.1)


  • Turn taking and bot autonomy increase customer brand intimacy and persuasion (Hildebrand, 1.2.4)


  • Blaming the bot: angry customers get even more angry talking to bots (Hadi, 1.2.1)


  • AI bot disclosure before customer decision hurts, but not afterwards (Luo, 1.2.2)


  • Bots should link with modern images, not nostalgic or authentic ones (Feuer, 2.2.3)61272343_10213888709563926_2375667173013061632_n.jpg

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