How to market marketing? 2 days on analytics, capabilities & cases

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The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) invited me to participate the last 2 days in their Talent Week in NYC with presentations by Blackrock, Coke, Google and National Geographic. My key learning was how marketing needs to and can be marketed both within and outside organizations:


  • Blackrock shared how they use the above 8 steps of marketing mix modeling (MMM) to demonstrate the value of marketing to finance, and to validate the bottom-up calculations from agent-based models (ABM) that help them understand how customer behavior changes with market turbulence and when they should adapt their marketing actions.88964652_10215988740903397_1707217605732859904_n
  • ANA shared how they are educating GenZ on ‘the best jobs they’ve never heard of’ to showcase the wealth of entry points into a marketing career


  • National Geographic shared how it has adapted its marketing to specific segments in the traditional consumer funnel and the online consumer journey. Its strong analytics help content writers, who maintain their scientific autonomy and creativity, understand how different consumer groups interact with their content.


  • Coke shared how they assess their marketers in the Talk Model: 88185926_10215988568419085_4225019776444923904_n
  1. Think Disruptively
  2. Act with Discipline
  3. Lead Boldly
  4. Know your stuff


The spider web graph of competencies was most useful when discussed in manager-employee meetings to help guide learning new competencies.

  • Google shared its AI principles and how they guide employees in their innovation.


Funniest part of the conference? When the Google presenter asked the audience to define AI, the first answer was: ALEXA!

How about your experience with marketing marketing? What works and what doesn’t?


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